Barbecuing, in Java!

You’ll note that my tagline says I’m a geek. This is certainly true (and proud) but, apart from a little barbecue fastidiousness, there’s little proof of it here.

And so shall that remain, but Pete, a fellow geek of mine (I’m sure he won’t mind me saying that ;)), e-mailed me the following syntactically correct tribute to my barbecues this afternoon. Pete and I both teach Java.

yum = new Barbeque(thisSummer);
me = new MeatEater(yum);

char grilled;;

try {
  byte ofEverything;
} catch (Exception alTastyStuff) {
    Double portions;
    long chew;
} finally {

Thanks, Pete! 😀
(P.S.: the picky amongst you will point out that this wouldn’t compile. Just assume it’s part of a big cooking class which declares all those variables, ‘kay?)
(P.P.S.: I thought the post thumbnail was rather apt, but it’s not my picture. I got it here, but I’m happy to credit the original photographer, whoever that is).