Awesome Sausage Holders!

Well, I received this amazing gift from @redhatman a few days ago. I’ve not had chance to use them yet, but I’m really impressed, and very grateful!

Awesome or what? Thanks @redhatman!

In case you can’t work out from the picture, they’re sausage holders. The sausages go in the *ahem* only unpainted place, and then the whole thing goes on the barbecue, leading to no overcharring. Inspired!

"Is that a nail in your pocket, or are you skewering my sausage?" or such like.

From what I can gather, @redhatman crafted this entirely himself, and shipped them to me, entirely at cost to himself. I’m touched – thanks very much! I’ll post a review once the weather is good enough, and I’ve got some sausages :)

As you were!