Mmm, spicy beef...

Barbecue 13: Unlucky for some…

…well, I had to call it that, didn’t I?

Just a simple one, this: we went for a couple of good meat dishes on the barbecue, and learned important things about the fuel you should use with a charcoal chimney.


Sunny, the end of another warm day. Sometimes I think I only write this part of each post to show off my twilight-picture-taking skills…

Mmm, spicy beef...


We had some minced beef left over, and some sausages in the freezer from earlier barbecues. That led rather conveniently to Spicy Beef Burgers and sausages. Not much to it, but hey, it still counts 😉

However, I have a cautionary tale! We used some of the lumpwood charcoal we’ve accumulated over the years with our charcoal chimney. Not recommended! On the good side, it works really well with newspaper, sets fire almost instantly and is ready to cook with quicker than briquettes. But… it’s rubbish. It lasts nowhere near as long as briquettes, and (more importantly) it falls through the cone grate in the chimney, meaning a good heat can’t be sustained (and also meaning if you have to light a second batch over on your patio, you need a spade to carry the coals over. Nightmare.

So, a word to the wise: use briquettes if you have a charcoal chimney!

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