I'm really loving this thing.

Barbecue 11: The afternoon after

We hastened on with barbecue 11 on the Sunday after MattFest 2010, to use up a few of the spare ingredients we had. A simple affair (so much so that I forgot to take enough pictures, d’oh!), but a tasty one.

I'm really loving this thing.


Swelteringly hot, which is nice. We had the gazebo up to cool down underneath, and Gem’s mum and sister around to gobble up remaining food.


On the menu this time was whatever was left! Two beef burgers, two lamb and mint burgers, and four cumberland sausages (time for a Top Matt Tip: don’t prick sausages on the barbecue. They lose all of their juices, and the fat makes the charcoal flare up). We also had some very tasty garlic tomatoes with the burgers – yum.

Cream. Cheese. Frosting. Need I say more?
Being as there was plenty of American-themed dessert going spare, there were even cupcakes! You don’t need to comment saying how jealous you are of these cupcakes. But you could if you want.

That’s it for eleven… simple stuff. Often, the best barbecues are the quickest!

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