Cloudier than it looks

Barbecue the 7th: It’s Guacamole Time

Ooh, it’s barbecue seven. April 24, on a sunny but slightly cloudy evening. We’re getting better at this “spur of the moment” thing.


It had been a rather glorious day, but was starting to cloud over.

Cloudier than it looks

Otherwise no complaints – lit with no issue although we really are craving one of those Charcoal Chimneys – instant charcoal is getting pricey and hard to find (donations are welcome).


We’d already made a rather good salad the night before, and I’d made up some of my extremely tasty (if I do say so) Guacamole. There were some fairly run-of-the-mill lamb and mint burgers in the fridge (really should have made some), and what barbecue is complete without chicken legs?

I always find that chicken (thick chicken, anyway) is a pain on the barbecue. It cooks on the outside before being fully cooked on the inside, unless you cook it slowly, or do what I do, and pre-parcook it. We had two chicken leg/thigh joints, which I brushed with some terrifyingly good tandoori sauce and cooked at 180c for about 20 minutes. This means they’re nearly done, and need another ten minutes or so on the barbecue, turning once. Really rather good with guacamole and perhaps some sour cream or yoghurt.

Pork steaks, tandoori chicken legs and lamb burgers

The burgers were uneventful. Along with those, we’re getting rather fond of those pork rib steaks – juicy and tender. Yum.

Seven down, 23 to go…

4 thoughts on “Barbecue the 7th: It’s Guacamole Time”

  1. “terrifyingly good tandoori sauce” – May I enquire where one can by ‘terrifyingly’ good sauce? PS. my mouth is watering just looking at all this food.. Keep posting :-)

  2. Mmmmmmm sounds tasty, keep up the good work. Might try some of your recipes next weekend when im taking the BBQ camping!

    1. Cool – let me know if they work for you!
      Alas I’ve not been keeping up the good work much this week, due to a hundred other things. But I feel the next barbecue in my bones.

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