Barbecuing, in Java!

You’ll note that my tagline says I’m a geek. This is certainly true (and proud) but, apart from a little barbecue fastidiousness, there’s little proof of it here.

And so shall that remain, but Pete, a fellow geek of mine (I’m sure he won’t mind me saying that ;)), e-mailed me the following syntactically correct tribute to my barbecues this afternoon. Pete and I both teach Java.

yum = new Barbeque(thisSummer);
me = new MeatEater(yum);

char grilled;;

try {
  byte ofEverything;
} catch (Exception alTastyStuff) {
    Double portions;
    long chew;
} finally {

Thanks, Pete! 😀
(P.S.: the picky amongst you will point out that this wouldn’t compile. Just assume it’s part of a big cooking class which declares all those variables, ‘kay?)
(P.P.S.: I thought the post thumbnail was rather apt, but it’s not my picture. I got it here, but I’m happy to credit the original photographer, whoever that is).


The first barbecue (that I took a picture of)

Welcome! This is to be my first attempt at making a proper job of a blog, and its subject will be that greatest of all British cuisines (yes, we took it and made it our own), the Barbecue. Over the coming weeks, myself, my partner Gemma, and our dog Rosie (who is surprisingly keen on barbecues) have set ourselves a target of 30 barbecues by the end of September. We’ve done six so far (and I’ll post on those soon) – that’s five a month. Easy! (?)

In this blog, I’ll be covering a few of my recipes, and my general barbecue escapades (hey, if the weather takes a turn for the worse, there may even be an indoor barbecue – or ‘oven cooking’, as we call it). I hope you enjoy it, and please do get involved in the comments.

Why not start by having a look at the equipment that we use, or some recipes?

Yours grillingly,